Direct Care Counselor

Company Name:
Wheeler Clinic
Associate's Degree
The Direct Care Counselor provides direct care services to the children in congregate care programs as part of an inter-disciplinary treatment team.
Associate's Degree in a related field is required. Experience working with high need children and families of diverse cultural and economic backgrounds is also required.
Full time- Various Shifts, 40 hours per week.
Sunday 8am-10pm, Monday 10:30pm-8am, Friday 11pm-7:30am, Saturday 4-10pm,
Thursday 9amto 11am (staff meeting).
Wheeler Clinic fosters positive change in the lives of individuals and families, as well as in communities. We provide cutting-edge human services that address a diverse range of needs and backgrounds, enhance strengths and provide the supports that encourage recovery from challenges for a satisfying life in the community.

Demonstrates understanding of child and adolescent development and current trends.
Communicates effectively with youth and staff, develops positive relationships, and maintains appropriate boundaries.
Identifies potential risk factors and takes measures to reduce those risks in the milieu through appropriate supervision, reinforcement of positive and safe behaviors, trauma-informed and relationally-based therapeutic interventions, reporting of suspected child abuse/neglect, administering medication according to agency policies and procedures and maintaining required certifications.
Trains and participates in emergency safety interventions authorized and approved by the agency, when a student presents with an imminent safety concern.
Interacts with and relates to youth in ways that support asset-building through praising youth, focusing on their strengths and helping them to take responsibility for their choices and behaviors.
Adapts, facilitates, and evaluates age appropriate activities in an effort to assist youth in achieving their goals.
Works as part of a team and shows professionalism.
Respects and honors cultural and human diversity.
Establishes positive relationships and maintains effective communication with co-workers, supervisors, and administrators, demonstrating the ability to accept constructive feedback and works to resolve conflicts.
Works effectively and respectfully with families and guardians.
Transports youth to appointments and activities.
Attends weekly staff meetings and demonstrates strong work ethic in terms of general performance as it relates to meeting the needs of youth in the program.
_EEO Minorities/Women/Disabilities/Veterans_

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